Project Leader
Hiroshi Ishiguro
Department of Systems Innovation, Osaka University, Professor

In the near future, various home appliances and robots will act autonomously and will have intentions and desires. As they have intentions and desires, they will be able to establish relationships with humans in which they understand each other's intentions and desires by using natural language to interact with each other. This kind of world is a society in which humans and intelligent robots and information media coexist in the next stage of the information society.

In order to create an academic field that realizes this new symbiotic society, we will engage in research and development with four research groups:

  • Dialogue engagement and rapport research
  • Communication understanding and generation research
  • Behavioral decision model estimation research
  • Human-machine social norms research


Communicative intelligent systems towards a human-machine symbiotic society
Project Office :
1-3, Machikaneyama, Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan
TEL : 81-6-6850-6360 FAX : 81-6-6850-6360
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